Sunekos is a new injectable treatment containing amino acids and Hyaluronic acid. It works by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to produce a complete mix of collagen and elastin.

Dermal Fillers By Theresa Wild

Injectable HA filler is a soft tissue filler which is injected into the skin to to add subtle volume and temporarily replace your skin’s lost hyaluronic acid. These fillers are temporary and last betw... Show more

Lip Fillers By Theresa Wild

Lip augmentation is a type of non-surgical procedure that aims to alter the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement using fillers. You can do both lips, just the bottom... Show more

Permanent Eyebrows by Theresa

The popularity of permanent eyebrows has dramatically risen in the last couple of years, with the media coverage of well-known celebrities and sports professionals openly sharing their love for cosmet... Show more

Plasma treatments (Lower Facial)